Vinyl Guitar - Echo Sound Works

Product Description

A uniquely sampled guitar vst perfect for Lofi and Trap.

Vinyl Guitar is a character guitar plugin. A guitar was sampled through an actual vinyl record player and then turned into a playable instrument out of those samples.

  • Fret Noise – Use this macro to control the level of the fret noise you hear when changing notes and chords.

  • String Buzz – This macro adds buzz to some strings randomly to more accurately recreate the sound of a real guitar.

  • Pick Noise – This macro adds a picked attack to the start of the sound.

  • Reverb – The reverb knob is a dry-wet knob. The reverb settings panel opens a pop up box allowing you to dial in other settings.

  • Attack/Release/Dynamics – This section of the GUI allows you to change how the guitar plays to fit your playing style or MIDI.

Are the sounds royalty free?

Yes, everything is always 100% royalty free.

Tech Specs

Vinyl Guitar requires a 64 bit computer and a host DAW that runs VST3/AU.


Digital Product - Delivered via Email.

64 Bit


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