SynchroNator - Klangmanipulation

Product Description

Klangmanipulation brings you this powerful 2 oscillator synthesizer that includes Moog style LP, HP filters. Each oscillator has volume, pan, fat, PW, semi, and octave parameters. SynchroNator also includes tempo syncable LFO controls and an 8 step sequencer. A powerful tool for your studio.


  • 2 STEREO oscillators with regular waveforms 
  • Moogish LP filters with chained HP filter 
  • Each OSC has vol, pan, fat, PW, semi, and octave 
  • Each osc has 3 ADSR (volume, filter and USER (is routable) 
  • Each osc has a temposynced LFO with 2 amounts & routable targets (+/- value) 
  • Simple FM mix amount user LFO with 2x2 amounts & targets or osc 1&2 
  • 8 step sequenzer (pitch, mod, gate) (mod & gate with adsr control) (mod amounts to: cut,res,hp,fat & pw) 
  • Velocity control 
  • Overdrive & delay FX 
  • 100 internal presets 


  • PC/Windows


1. To install SynchroNator, first unzip the file downloaded from Plugin Boutique.

2. Next follow the file directory - Computer / System (C:) / Program Files / Steinberg - and drag the .dll file into the Steinberg folder.

3. Open up your DAW and your software will now be ready to use. 


Digital Product - Delivered via Email.

32 Bit


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