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Ethnic Instruments & Sounds have been on the rise year after year.

With many producers realizing the individuality you can have by using instruments not typically found in the Western Music World, it’s safe to say that the East & Middle East have had their fair share of influence as of recent.

Just look at some of the most popular music & artists out in recent years like Lil Baby, DaBaby, Jack Harlow & more. Many of their productions use instruments that are not usually found in the Western Hemisphere.

But still, where can you find AUTHENTIC & ORIGINAL Eastern Sounds & Instruments these days without breaking your bank? RIGHT HERE!

Introducing the Albanju – Middle Eastern Guitar VST for the Modern Music Producer!

Download Includes:

  • Albanju VST (VST2 & VST3)
  • 20 Free BANJO MIDI Loops (Exclusive)
  • Easy Install Guide

This instrument was Recorded & Sampled at our studio. This allowed us to control the full scope of the instrument & ensure we could bring you the most quality Middle Eastern Banjo you can find!

The “Albanju – Middle Eastern Banjo” was recorded using 4 Microphones. These Microphones were placed at the Neck & Bridge of the Banjo as well as Room Left & Room Right.

Once we layered all of these sounds within the VST, it gives it a great Stereo Sound. Not only does it sound fantastic but you can individually monitor and edit each microphone itself! This gives you 100% control over the sound you’re trying to achieve.

Aside from ensuring we would give you the best recordings & sounds we could, we have also added some Heavy Duty FX to also generate an even more compelling sound for you!

These FX include

  • Convolution Reverb with Filtering
  • Tempo-Synced Delay with Filtering
  • More Stereo Imaging Effects
  • Brightness Effects & more

These FX are meant to be used for quick adjustments & allow you to create something even more original with each turn of the knob!

This will help you understand the different ways the Banjo can be used & also some of the best practices to create awesome banjo melodies!

Productions up with the “Albanju – Middle Eastern Banjo” today!


Compatible with:

  • 64 bit Windows 10
  • 64 Bit OSX (10.13 and Later)
  • VST3, and AU Support
  • (ProTools Not Yet Supported)


Digital Product - Delivered via Email.

64 Bit


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