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Product Description

If you’ve been searching for an Authentic, Real & 100% Original Flute VST, look no further!

You’ve found ‘Apache – Native American Flute’ and it’s exactly what you’ve been searching for.


Inspired by the mystical sounds of the Native Americans, this Flute VST is perfect for Modern Trap & Hip Hop Producers.

With Ethnic and World sounds becoming ever more popular in Western Music, it’s a perfect time to step up your productions with the newest sounds. . Artists & Producers like Lil Baby, DaBaby, Jack Harlow, Travis Scott, HitMaka, Murda Beats & Metro Boomin have even recently started using these types of sounds & tools, you should too!

The ‘Apache – Native American Flute’ is a Sampled Flute Instrument created from an authentic Native American Woodwind Flute.

The Flute was recorded in our studio where we were able to adapt different Microphone placements and techniques to offer Multi-Mic Control over the instrument (Main, Center, Room Left & Room Right). Each Microphone is able to controlled individually giving you Advanced Control over each.

We also added multiple Dynamic FX to allow users the freedom to tinker and toy with the Flute Samples directly within the VST if desired.

FX Include:

  • AIR (Reverb)
  • SPACE (Delay)
  • LAND (Shaper)
  • SPIRIT (Corrective/Additive EQ)

You will also get a few more FX to add a little extra flavor to your mix if desired. OR, You can turn all FX off, play your Flute Melody & use your normal FX & Processing. IT’S UP TO YOU!

As a FREE BONUS with your purchase of the ‘Apache – Native American Flute,’ we will also include 20 unique and inspiring Flute MIDI Files to get your next session jump started!

Enjoy the Smooth & Mystical Sounds of the Great Native Americans with the ‘Apache – Native American Flute’ today!


Compatible with:

  • 64-bit Windows 10
  • 64 Bit OSX (10.13 and Later)
  • VST3, and AU Support
  • (ProTools Not Yet Supported)


Digital Product - Delivered via Email.

64 Bit


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