Handy Drums- METAL STANDARD - Goran Grooves

Product Description

Attention all you tough guys and gals out there – the Handy Drums METAL STANDARD kit is not for wimps! This kit is made for those who can handle loads of double kick blasts and crave a snappy kick with plenty of “click” attacks to complement those wicked guitar riffs.


Get ready for an aggressive, in-your-face sound with this kit! The fat and explosive snare sound achieved naturally in the recording room will blow your mind, along with the toms that have plenty of fast attacks and are played even harder to capture the total energy and carry it into the sampled instrument.


And let’s not forget about the bright (but not harsh) cymbals that complete the package and make this kit ideal for all types of Metal subgenres, including Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Speed Metal, Progressive Metal, Groove Metal, and much more.


So if you’re serious about your Metal music and want to achieve that perfect sound, don’t be a wussy – get your hands on the Handy Drums METAL STANDARD kit today! You won’t regret it – unless, of course, you can’t handle the power. 😏


This product is included in the Producer Collection plugin bundle.

Type: Virtual Instruments

Size: 678MB


 Goran Rista

Format: VST/AU/AAX/Standalone



 (Win 7+)   (MacOS 10.11+, dual binary)



Digital Product - Delivered via Email.

64 Bit


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