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Product Description

20x4 Layers Ambient Machine

Your next favourite tool for your ambient productions and filmscores.

  • 4  Sound Layers: The Attack layer includes only Transient sounds. The Sustain Layer includes only sounds without attack. When you combine the two, you are actually combining two different instruments characters and creating a brand new instrument. Imagine a sound with the attack of a zither and the body of a voice. Couple this with 20 reverse sounds and 20 sequenced sounds from the Reverse and Rhythmic layers and you have rich, evolving, unique patches at your disposal.

  • Create with one click: This feature makes it incredibly easy to create new sounds quickly and makes presets redundant. Choose which parameters will be included in VenKatt's sound generation process creating new exciting sounds combinations every time. It's also possible to undo the latest randomisation and get back to the previous one.

  • Vari Convolution Sequencer: Layer 4 offers a sequencer with special features. The dry and Wet sound of the Convolver effect will be controlled by VenKatt to create interesting rhythmic sound changes. The Sequence can be set to Loop mode, to continue until the key is pressed, or to NoLoop mode, to play only once and achieve creative repetitions effects.

  • Up to 20 sounds per layer: All 20 sounds per layer can be selected and played at once!

  • 200+ Presets: Explore the world of Venkatt unique sounds with the specially curated presets which show off Venkatt’s potential. Edit them to your liking and make them your own.

  • Simplest GUI: All parameters all laid out in a one page GUI. No hidden menus and pages. All the controls you need are at your fingertips.

VenKatt GUI


  • 4 Main Sound Layers
  • 20 multi-sampled sound sources for each layer, playable at once
  • 200+ Snasphots Presets
  • Around 2Gb (Compressed NCW)

Requires at least NI Kontakt 5.8.1 (r43), VenKatt does not work with Kontakt Player.


Digital Product - Delivered via Email.

64 Bit


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