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Product Description

Veevum Beat - Create, Mix, Mangle, Deconstruct & Randomise Rhythmic Loops

Making use of the same playing modes of the acclaimed Veevum Series, VEEVUM BEAT provides exciting new ways to combine drums and percussion loops.

The randomization capabilities of VEEVUM BEAT make it super easy to create new rhythmic beds which get stored automatically and are ready to be used at a touch of a key.

Random? Yes, gone… no.

Play a few keys, hear the new randomized combination, and play it back exactly as it was with a key switch.

VEEVUM BEAT includes 3200 Drums and percussion loops ranging from acoustic drums to hyper-affected percussion and beyond. Each Sound Hexagon in the honeybee includes 32 loops: 8 drums/percussion tracks in 4 variations. VEEVUM BEAT is the perfect rhythm creator for Ambient Producers and Cinematic Composers.

VEEVUM BEAT loops types:

Designed – Processed- Live Drums – Ethnic – Experimental


Let’s Recap


  • 100 Loops Groups (Drums + Percussion)
  • 32 loops per Loop Group
  • Sounds categories filtering.
  • Randomizable Cells.


  • Slices Sequencer
  • 7 Playing Modes (Random, Random+ Persistent, Fixed Random, Stack, Spread, Curves, Velocity Layers)
  • Editable Live Loops (Recallable Randomisations).
  • Variations per slices
  • Randomization Rate
  • Volume & Filter Step Sequencers
  • Arpeggiator


  • Convolution Effect
  • Modulation fx, Reverb & Delay
  • Random FX
  • Portamento & Voice Manager
  • & much more.


Digital Product - Delivered via Email.

64 Bit


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