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Product Description

Includes a selection of stringed instruments like GuZheng, Mandolin, Pipa, American Zither, Hammered Dulcimer, Kantele, Acoustic Guitars, Acoustic grand, upright and prepared pianos and Seagull instrument among others.

The sound categories include organic real instruments samples, modeled, synthetised, designed and spacey sounds.

  • 2 Main Sound sources, plus Trails sound sources
  • 205 + 20 Multisampled Sound Sources
  • Over 22GB, NCW – over 8500 samples
  • Volume, Pan, Octave and Semitones Shift, High pass and Low pass filters, Attack and release controls per sound source
  • Master Shine, Saturation, Chorus, 2 delays, Lo-fi, Convolution reverb
  • New Crystals Generator with Pitch, Grains and Cloud functions
  • Intelligent Randomiser engine, with undo history
  • Categorised browser
  • Undo and redo randomisation up to 1000 undo levels
  • Undo level counter to jump to a desired undo level
  • Single, Dual and Random Map mode
  • Pan Control: Widen and Random
  • Twin step sequencer, with live recording mode, auto save and auto recall
  • 8 editable twin or single sequences per patch
  • Permanent random sequences generation
  • Temporary random notes generation for user controlled “improvisation”
  • Keycontrol with Major and minor scales available
  • Selectable playing percentage for Trails layer
  • Velocity control for Trails layer

Fully customisable

 Even though the Randomisation engine plays a big part in Abstrung, for the most creative producers, Abstrung still offers the possibility to create patches from scratch, with multiple ways of choosing sound sources, including a categorised Sound Browser, which works hand in hand with the randomisation engine to create sounds which are “just right”. 

On-the-Fly Reverseable sounds

 Following the success of Sequi2r’s family reverseable sounds feature, Abstrung gives the option to reverse sounds on the fly and to adjust the length of each reversed sound with the mod wheel. 

3 Play modes

 In Abstrung you can select whether you want to play both sound sources at once (Single map Mode), one per key zone (Dual Map Mode) or let it happen randomly (Random Map Mode), creating interesting changing textures. This both while you are in Normal Mode or Step Sequencer Mode. The keyboard zone can be defined by the user. 

Creative Convolutions

 Unique reverb convolutions add to the picture to contribute in a creative way to the sound creation; reverbs that not only add space but define the final sound too. 

Twin Step Sequencer 

Abstrung features not one, but 2 step simultaneous sequencers with 8 memory slots. You can change sequence on the fly like in Sequi2r via keyswitch, but with Abstrung you’ll have double the fun. Also, you can record your sequences by playing, not by drawing, pretty much like in Sequi2r, but Abstrung’s process is even faster and simpler. Add to this Permanent random generated sequences and Temporary random sequence at the tip of a “keyswitch”, to spice up some stale repetitive phrases. 

Split personality 

You can perform one sequence per sound source (Twin Seq on) in Dual Map Mode, or have both sound sound sources playing simultaneously (Single Map) both sequences. Or you can run one sequence only (Twin Seq off) with both sound playing at once (Single Map), or one sound per define-able keyboard zone in Dual Map Mode.

Step & Master Effects

Add movement and filtering to pads and sequences with four step sequenceable effects: Filter Cut off and Resonance, Distortion & Formant Filter Add finishing touches to your sound with Convolution Reverb, two delays, Chorus, Shine, and Lo-Fi effects.

Spice up your Sequences

Generate random sequences and “improvise” temporary sequences at the tip of a “key switch”, to spice up some stale repetitive phrases.

Export your sequences as Midi

The Randomisers Series 1.2 includes a System page which gives acces to the Midi Drag & Drop feature. Generate sequences performances, export them on to you DAW and edit them or assign third parties sounds to them.

Arpeggiator fun

Arpeggiate short sounds or trigger sequences with the arpeggiator (yes you can!). Play sequencers and arpeggiator in serial or parallel with 2 different sounds.


Digital Product - Delivered via Email.

64 Bit


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