Lisc Delay - Saltline

Product Description

Lisc delay features pre and posts effect filters. The dry signal can be passed through the pre effect filter before the output and/or before the effect section. The effect section consists of 3 delays with their own dedicated filters, left, center (left+right), and right. This setup can create a range of sounds from subtle spatial effects to twisted glitching when automating delay rate and filter cutoff together.


  • Dry signal routing
  • Direct to output
  • State variable filter
  • Low pass, High pass, Bandpass, Band reject.
  • Frequency cut-off.
  • Resonance.
  • Dry signal to effect
  • Direct to effect
  • State variable filter-effect
  • Delay (left right and center)
  • Delay rate
  • Feedback
  • SV filter
  • Filter cutoff
  • Filter resonance
  • Effect mix
  • Left and right cutoff can be linked to the center cutoff
  • Gain

System Requirements

  • Saltine plugins are 32-bit VST instruments and effects for windows and as such require a VST host program to run.
  • PC: WinXP or later


1. To install SonicXTC Music software, first unzip the downloaded. (for demonstration purposes we're using the Bass Gnomes Clarity)

2. Next follow the file directory - Computer / System (C:) / Program Files / Steinberg - and drag the .dll file into the Steinberg folder.

3. Open up your DAW and your software will now be ready to use. 


Digital Product - Delivered via Email.

32 Bit


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