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Product Description

Introducing: Finisher MICRO

Finisher stands for instant inspiration and endless creative sonic variety, a little bit like a magic spray finish for audio tracks. Best of all: It's entirely free!

What you get!

  • 25 complex automated multi-effect chain Modes
  • Mode switching without audio drop-outs – the first time in a plug-in
  • Instant creative inspiration for music, sound design, and audio
  • Perfect FX companion for UJAM Instruments

The Devil’s Candy – now as an Audio FX!

Finisher is not a Chorus, not a Reverb, Compressor, or EQ – it is all of the above and way more because it uses these effects as building blocks to create finishing touches for your tracks.
It’s been designed to be your companion that always has a fresh idea up its sleeve. Finisher MICRO will keep inspiring you, and protect you from recording or mixing a bland and boring track ever again.

Who is it for?

Finisher MICRO is for just about anyone recording music or sound. Musicians, producers, sound designers, and even podcasters will appreciate the special dash of creativity and inspiration.

How Does it Work?

Every Mode and its Amount Knob assignments are a complex sound design piece to create one particular “change of scene” for your instrument.

One Knob can Change Everything

The Amount Knob can be wired to every parameter of every active effect, in varying degrees. It can dramatically speed up the phaser while introducing a little distortion and mixing in a dash of reverb. You are freed from the pressure to know what’s going on. Trust your ears to be inspired – switch Modes and turn the Amount knob – and make your tracks more beautiful, interesting, bigger, tougher, or change them entirely – while your focus remains on your music. That is the power and the beauty of Finisher.

Take it and Don't Leave it!

Until now, you’d open a bunch of plug-ins and often get lost in possibilities, while all you would want is a dash of inspiration – finding a great-sounding treatment for your instrument that inspires you, tweak it a little, maybe automate it, and move on happily. That is the elating feeling that is called “getting to the Finish”.

Go ahead putting Finisher MICRO on your tracks and play with it – UJAM is sure it’ll become a staple in your toolbox! Oh, and “there can’t be two or more Finishers in one track,” said nobody, ever! UJAM hopes you enjoy Finisher MICRO as much as they do and finish more great tracks than ever!

System Requirements

Operating Systems

  • OS X 10.11 / macOS 10.12 or later. (macOS 11 Big Sur supported) (64-bit only)
  • Windows 7 or later. (64-bit only)
  • You may run it on earlier versions but UJAM doesn’t support them.

Minimum Requirements

  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 0.02 GB of disk space.
  • 1280 x 768 px Display.
  • Internet connection is required for download and authorization.

Plugin Formats

  • VST, AU 2 and AAX
  • AU 2 version is only compatible with Logic Pro X and newer.

Supported Standards

  • MIDI

Additional Information

  • Comes as downloadable installer files.
  • Authorize by email address and password for within the plugin.
  • If you want to move your .blob files to an external drive, UJAM recommends the use of an SSD to prevent dropouts.

  • To access your plugin, go to the Free Products tab of your Sounds Space User Account.
  • IRON is used as an example.

1. Please visit -

Note: You can also access this page by going to the Free Products tab of your Plugin Boutique User Account and hitting Download

2. Enter the redemption code, which is available within your User Account.

3. Enter your registration details or login to your existing Virtual Guitarist user account. Tick the box to 'Agree' to the Terms & Conditions > Select 'Continue to Download.'

4. Download your preferred Mac (OS X) / PC (Windows) installer. 

5. Double click and 'Run' the installer file.

6. Once the installation has been completed, restart your DAW and access your Virtual Instrument in order to authorize it > you may need to Rescan your DAW's Plugin Selection in order to refresh and show your new installation.

7. Enter the same details that you used to Register your software > Click 'Authorise.'

8. Authorisation is now complete > Click 'Let's Go.'

The software is now ready for use within your DAW!


Digital Product - Delivered via Email.

64 Bit


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