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Product Description

Drum Boxx Synth is our new freeware VST drum synthesizer that is designed to create thousands of unique synthetic drum sounds for sampling and production! Drum Boxx is our take on the outstanding Smackbox project designed by developer Stefan.

Why We Like It.

Drum Boxx has 12 individual signal channels. Each signal channel contains an individual drum synthesizer that can be routed into 3 individual stereo outputs. Output 1 is a direct output channel with no effects. Output 2 is sent through our specialized tempo synced delay effect. Output 3 is sent through our specialized chorus/flanger effect.

Each of the 12 individual drum synthesizers can be tweaked, pitched, filtered, equalized, and distorted independently from each other and saved as part of a kit. Moreover, you can independently add noise and other velocity controls to each drum synthesizer making the sonic palette available with Drum Boxx extremely vast!

Why We Think You Will Like It.

The original Smackbox had a fun "Mad Scientist" vibe that we chose to maintain. In addition to providing a GUI makeover, we updated the original coding to make Drum Boxx a VST 2.4 effect, added effects to the routing system, improved performance and overall sound sculpting abilities. In the end, we feel honored and glad to have the opportunity to introduce Drum Boxx as a worthy successor to the original Smackbox project.  


  • 12 Channel Drum Synthesizer
  • 3 independent Stereo Outputs
  • 10 custom preset kits/128 user kits available
  • Delay and Chorus effects
  • Midi automation
  • VST 2.4

System Requirements

  • PC VST
  • 32 Bit

1. Download and unzip the software.

2. Copy the downloaded .dll file into your VST folder.

3. Scan for new VST’s and the SonicXTC plugin should show up in your DAW.

SonicXTC plugins have been tested with Ableton, Cakewalk Sonar, Ohm Studio, and FL Studio DAWs.


Digital Product - Delivered via Email.

32 Bit


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