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‘The God Particle’ Plug-In Review

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‘The God Particle’ Plug-In Review

A plugin that is described as the ‘Grammy-winning mix bus chain in a simple package’. The God Particle plug-in comes with no fuss and directly does as it says by being a quick-to-use, very effective all-in-one processor, low-latency and CPU hit, plus it can perfectly help glue a mix. All producers and mixing engineers require software that avoids tedious confusion on how a product works and helps allocate time to simply get the job done, without delay.

The God Particle has been constructed by 15x Grammy-winning producer Jaycen Joshua’s kit and workflow. (known for Nicki Minaj, Kid Ink, Beyoncè, Chris Brown, Nelly, A$AP Rocky, and David Guetta, to name a few). This all-in-one bus compressor has a secret mix of EQ, multiband compression, saturation/excitation and widening, controls for 3-band EQ, effect amount, input/output and a built-in Limiter, plus an intelligent adaptive limiter. All of Joshua’s go-to’s in order to create ideal sounds that had led him to his greatest hits with some of the world’s biggest names - sharing these styles with aspiring engineers is absolutely what we’re looking for to help producers learn and adapt new sounds and styles, thanks to this plug-in. 

More 'The God Particle' Features:

  • A multitude of processing algorithms under the hood gives depth, detail, and clarity to your next mix
  • You can be certain your dynamics and transients will be preserved while achieving competitive commercial loudness.
  • rest assured your mix will be both dynamic and loud with a well-balanced EQ response.
  • Particle Of God is an ensemble effect for Native Instruments Reaktor. The idea behind this effect is to create a delay where the delay time is accelerated.
  • The single delays are getting faster (or even slower) each time the delay is repeated. To get a “musical” result, the delay time and traction are synchronized in time and tempo.
  • Stay focused on your creative process, while Jaycen’s world-class engineering keeps your master channel locked in.
  • Several parameters can be changed in real-time and tweaked by the step-sequencers.
  • Suitable for use on the mix bus or groups of tracks. Can be used on just about any type of track (vocals, drums, guitars, etc.), creating versatility.

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