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INVIGORATE Plug-In | Eventide Audio

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Invigorate Plug-In

Introducing Eventide's ‘Invigorate’ Plug-In 

This bus compressor and enhancer from Eventide is a plug-in constructed to boost all limiting and overdrive elements to the extreme. Built to take your creations to the next level and add an explosion of colour to your mix, featuring its mammoth sound all within its uniquely simple radar navigation.

‘Invigorate’ is the buzzing compressor plug-in of 2022/23 and it’s no surprise at all that some of the greatest beatmakers are on the hype, having this beastly product as their go-to. 

Let’s look at the key features and see what’s creating the hype.

Eventide ‘Invigorate’ | Key Features

  • Using a combination of expansion features to enlarge a project’s sound; including compression, limiting and overdrive. The intent behind this feature is to help incorporate the details of each technique and implement this into a straightforward tool for all purposes.
  • Unique ‘Radar’ control to help navigate a specific sound to the user’s preference. Cruise from the right touch of gain to compression, limiting, and distortion. 
  • Operate the track’s finishing touches with its MIX control knob. 
  • Emphasis the tone with Invigorate’s SENSITIVITY control. Fine-tune the frequencies of the sidechain signal. 
  • INPUT EXCITER tone controls allow you to overdrive the dynamics processor.
  • OUTPUT TONE controls allow you to tailor the sound of the wet signal before the mix control.
  • Control the gain curve and manage the perfect tone using the SHAPE, SQUASH and GATE controls.
  • Use and abuse the powerful level detector to help compression at its strongest versus calmest. 
  • Truly understand the performance of controlled volume using the ‘gain compensation algorithm’. 

Artist Presets

  • Count (Run the Jewels, New Order, No Doubt, Tycho, DJ Shadow, Gang of Youths, Lady Blackbird).
  • Justin Hergett (FINNEAS, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Ashe).
  • John O'Mahony (Marina, Coldplay, Sara Bareilles).
  • Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More, Yes, Meatloaf, Rob Halford, Sepultura).
  • Jacob Shea (Planet Earth, Blue Planet, Inception).
  • ROCASound (The Orville, Iron Man 2).
  • Matthew Wang (Tiger King, Glow, Reno 911!).
  • Scott Gershin (Pacific Rim, American Beauty, Team America).
  • David Gnozzi (MixbusTv, MC Solaar).
  • APS Mastering (Vampire Weekend, The Shivers, Deer Tick).
  • Ronit Kirchman (The Sinner, Evil Eye, Limetown).

This top-tier plugin shows the effort and time throughout its development. Its easy use makes all the difference in a session and allows time-efficient mixing - all available within an affordable budget of $97. An absolute bargain in comparison to comps which sell well into the triple digits! 

Download INVIGORATE here on Sounds Space!

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