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Product Description


Sound it! is a multifunctional and versatile audio editing, mastering, and processing software.

High-quality sound and ability of sound design, support for high-resolution audio (PCM maximum 768kHz / 32Bit INTPro) and DSD native playback/recording, comes with professional bundled effects, batch processing capability, and more, giving you the ability to answer to any professional sound engineers or high-end audiophiles' demands.

Operating System
Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (32/64bit). Full compatible to native 64bit
Intel processors support SSE2 or compatible processors
Intel Core Processor Family 2.6 GHz or higher is recommended for recording or playback under DSD native and DXD (high-resolution PCM).
1GB or more RAM (Windows7), 2GB or more RAM (Windows 8.1/10)
4GB or more RAM are recommended for recording or playback under DSD native and DXD (high-resolution PCM).
Display Resolution
1024x768 or more with 32bit color
Pro : 300MB free space for the installation
Basic : 200MB free space for the installation
OS compatible audio interface hardware
Optical Drive for CD burning
OS compatible DVD-R/RW or CD-R/RW optical drive that supports CD burning and Windows Media Player 11 or later. (recommended Windows Media Player 12 or later)
Internet Access
Use for products download, registration, activation and update.
Authentication Devices for Activation
Internal device installed in the PC you wish to use the program on or external USB Memory key (Jump drive/Dongles). If using USB Memory key (Jump drive/Dongles). As a authentication device, installations and activations are available in multiple PCs with the same authenticated USB Memory key (Jump drive/Dongles), Only one PC is allowed to run the software at a time with the same USB memory key serial number.
* USB Memory key (Jump drive/Dongles) device Not included.

In relation to use of our products when there is no Internet connection environment (Pro) 



Digital Product - Delivered via Email.

64 Bit


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