Addictive Drums 2: CustXL - XLN Audio

Product Description

This offer is for power users that love exploring all options and picking content that interests them. You get the full Addictive Drums 2 engine and can select any 6 ADpaks, any 6 MIDIpaks, and any 6 Kitpiece paks of your choice. You can choose your content all at once or over time as you expand your musical horizons. With the powerful Addictive Drums 2 plugin and the ability to pick the sound and rhythm content of your choice, you will be armed with the exact sounds and rhythms you need to take your music to the next level.


  • The Addictive Drums 2 plugin
  • Any 6 ADpaks (user’s choice)
  • Any 6 MIDIpaks (user’s choice)
  • Any 6 Kitpiece Paks (user’s choice)
  • Our Core MIDI library with more than 5000 beats

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Digital Product - Delivered via Email.

64 Bit