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The Best Mindset for Musicians | Think Like A Pro

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The Best Mindset for Musicians | Think Like a Pro

It’s pretty common for many artists and musicians to have the mindset of ‘the right place, the right time’ to help lead to creating some of the best work. This is true to an extent, but it goes much further than this in a way that helps develop a more assertive attitude professionally, creatively and on a personal level outside of the studio. 

An Artist’s Struggle (We’re All Guilty of This)  

As human beings, we struggle with the unknown, and so as musicians, the struggle is not knowing whether we will make it in our music careers, being unsure if a song we are consistently promoting is worth the time and effort etc. This then invites the need to work even harder and do everything in our power to write that game-changing track - but have you noticed the cycle of hitting a wall, then ‘making up for lost time’ afterwards to help get back on track? By now, it’s clear it’s not working and only hindering the process even further. 

Think of the greatest artists out there, writing one great track after another - sometimes not as consistently, but their strengths are still showing through recent releases. Putting aside the management team helping guide the right track to promote, how do artists and musicians manage to keep a creative flow in the studio? Is there a secret tool or just plain talent? 

It all boils down to one not-so-secret trick that every person whether creative or not. 

Mindset + Action = Creative Success

Have you ever found yourself getting an incredible melody, lyric or beat stuck in your head at a time when you’re away from your notes or unable to record? For example, whilst in the shower, on a hike, gym, or even on the toilet. These great ideas come at these times for the very simple reason that your mind is relaxed at that moment with no pressure, anxiety or stress to create something to get your career off the ground. 

Becoming successful and financially comfortable with your music alone is a goal for many, but it should not be a process that causes more pain than pleasure - it’s a journey after all. 

Every artist has their process and the charting ones, by now would have found and understood what works best for them, although it all comes down to the same principles of falling in love with the creation process, which surprisingly doesn’t always involve writing music. You are simply creating your content by living in a world that brings you gratification, ease and excitement - trips with family and friends, much-needed duvet days, walks in the park etc. In between album releases or big tours, these successful artists are very easily put, doing what’s best for their mental health by taking fancy trips or spending time with family and friends. Ultimately this helps release any stress and/or pressure as we mentioned above, leading to that eagerness and pure creative flow once they’re back in the studio.
We find ourselves overcomplicating the smaller details, but it never needs to feel like the green light is constantly on. We need the red and amber lights to help bring back the flow of our lives in general - stop doesn’t mean hindering your success, it’s simply amplifying it as the pause which is what gives the necessary boost.

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