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As we integrate web 3.0 within the Sounds Space platform we are thrilled to see the momentum build rapidly! We are welcoming and inviting our growing community to our official $SOUND token AirDrop and ICO this weekend - get ready, because we absolutely are! 


It has arrived! We are pleased to announce that the AirDrop for SOUND token is being distributed today (7th January 2023). 

Airdrop rules are as it’s been mentioned in our White Paper (Tokenomics screenshotted above)

We have allocated 10% of $SOUND for AirDrops (a total of 100 Million). 

  • 50 Million to all XUMM TLs 
  • 50 Million to all SOUND token Holders/Stakers after our AD. 

If you HOLD your tokens, you will be qualified to participate in the second AD.

ICO (8th January 2023)

Our official ICO (Initial Coin Offering) aims to expand our community even further and create opportunities for musicians with the elements of their compositions (beats, sample packs, software). 

This includes some of the following goals:

  • Enhance a foundation for artists and musicians
  • Utilize the Sounds Space platform to ensure users get all their needs met
  • Create financial freedom for users (profiting from the sales of their own beats and sample packs) 
  • Ensure musicians are developing their careers with up-to-date tools
  • Allow safety and trust within the music industry (breaking stereotypes and the industry standard)
  • Build a team that allows high-quality attention for all users, products, and our future development
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