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Bringing the Warmth and Character of
Analog to Digital Audio Since 1991

Soft Limit tape emulation - The secret Ingredient in Apogee Converters

Soft Limit has been an integral feature of Apogee converters since the AD-500, our first standalone A-D converter released in 1991. And now, for the very first time, this simple but highly effective analog tape emulation is available as a free audio plugin.

During the development of the AD-500, we recognized that, while the new digital audio technology offered superior performance and lower distortion, the technical deficiencies of analog tape created a pleasing sound that engineers didn’t want to give up. And so Soft Limit was created, an analog circuit placed before the A-D conversion stage to gracefully round transients and add harmonic warmth.

Soft Limit has been a feature on pretty much every Apogee A-D converter since, from the AD-8000 to Symphony I/O to the latest Duet 3.

Soft Limit is a registered trademark of Apogee Electronics, Corp.


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