DSPplug Ssquire 3 - DSP Plug

Product Description

This is the new upgrade of the DSPplug esquire, offering new advantages and a zero-latency experience. Though the old was quite good, it took a brief millisecond to catch up. With this improved hybrid lu dbfs design, there is no such shortcoming.

Brickwall, true peak limiter limiting to -1.0 dbtp.
Has compression but no auto makeup yet.

V1.3: + Added GUI Attack and Release Components
+ Improved transition between pumping and envelope mode
+ Reduced CPU and Memory Usage.
V1.4: Updated GUI.
V1.5: Updated GUI, Knob preset state refresh and Strengthened TP detection so to prevent TP leaks. (will finetune this new tech to a greater extent asap. work in progress).
V1.6: Updated GUI, (Perfected DAW state display, Auto Makeup, GR) Added.
V1.7: Remade switch code, fixed presets, added new custom tp limiter (will improve it).
V1.8: Added Limiter feedback prevention (will add to thresh, ratio, ceiling soon) using crossfade. Improved detection, reduced drastic ceiling reduction, improved sound depth and clarity, reduced distortion. cytoSonic compressor is now added using -9 dbfs thresh 75 ratio to smooth out the highest peaks. Please refer to the source for usage details.
V1.9: Added new oversampled limiter before and after. Reduced amount of overall gain and targetted -3 dbfs threshold instead. Overcame distortion experienced in last 3 versions.
V2.0: Updated code to fix various bugs. Feedback does not create a reduction in amplitude anymore.


Digital Product - Delivered via Email.

64 Bit


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