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Product Description

Learn to Mix with Confidence

Great mixing and mastering engineers don’t typically start out wanting to specialize in mixing or mastering. We typically start out as musicians, songwriters, producers or DJs who realize that we are attracted to, and have a knack for the special left-brain/right-brain combination that marks a good engineer. We are currently in a revolution wherein most songwriters and producers are programming, performing and recording much of their own music, in their own studios. 

We are constantly mixing as we build our productions, and by the end of the production process the mix might be 80% or 90% finished, with only the final polish and ear-candy left for the "final mix". In this free eBook, you can find everything you need to know about mastering the art of mixing.

What's inside?

  • Master the Sonarworks settings, to bring your monitors closer to sounding like the ones owned by the pros.
  • Learn to hear compression and understand its nuances, and which knobs to adjust to get each instrument to sit perfectly in the mix.
  • Create ambiance and depth with reverb, and know exactly what kind to apply, where to apply it, and how much to use.
  • Working magic with delay, driving the song forward without adding clutter or mud.
  • 5 ways to de-harsh your mix, and make it sound smooth and clean without becoming abrasive.
  • The differences between online and offline bouncing, printing to a track, and exporting a mix, and the risks and benefits of each.


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