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Product Description

Prepare your Mixes for Mastering

& Don't Get Caught Out by Extra Fees

This guide will make your Mastering Engineer think you're super switched on and they'll wish all their clients were just like you!

It'll provide you with:

  • The best questions to ask yourself and your potential Mastering Engineer before embarking on your mastering journey to prevent wasted time and extra fees
  • A heads up on which le formats you'll need
  • Instructions on preparing your les to make your Mastering Engineer smile :) Everything you need to ask for to ensure you get the result you want
  • What metadata is and how to prepare it
  • The consequences of having a very loud master

About the Author

Sara Carter is an audio engineer and audiophile totaling 18 years experience recording and mixing music, providing mixing and mastering services that give you the radio-ready result you’ve been searching for. With over 7 years at the BBC’s Maida Vale Studios, she has worked on hundreds of sessions for Radio 1, Radio 2, 1Xtra, and 6 Music, developing her skills by assisting the best audio engineers in the business.

Learn more about Sara at https://www.musicmixpro.co.uk/


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