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Producing Masters That Translate

Producing masters that translate to our intended audience seems to many people to be a secret art that only a few mastering engineers or mixers have the key to.

The truth is that if we work in a trustworthy environment and create inspired productions that feel right to us in our calibrated, true listening space, then the audience will receive a proper presentation of our vision.

What's inside? 

In this comprehensive ebook you will learn:

  • How our listening conditions can be controlled;
  • How we as creators listen ultimately affects what our audience hears;
  • How loud should we listen;
  • How pure must our monitor system be;
  • What kind of files need to be distributed;
  • And more!

"Because sound is an experience, the sounds we produce influence the space around us as the space around us interacts with the sounds we create. When we better understand our listening space, we can create more freely-with the confidence that the rest of the world will hear our artistic visions just as we mean them to be heard."

- Adam Kagan, Editor

"The Simple Truth of making mixes that translate. If your room and monitor system is properly tuned and sufficiently accurate and you work at a proper and consistent listening level and you occasionally check your work outside of your room, masters that sound great in your room will automatically sound great everywhere."

- Nick Messitte, Co-author


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