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Product Description

New Lofi and Vibe Plugin - Vibe Mechanic! UPDATE v1.1.5

Hey everyone, here's my latest plugin called Vibe Mechanic. Designed to give you different vibe-shaping flavors, the plugin has a distortion, tone, and reverb module. Create all the way from super lush to super dry and lofi vibes in your tracks. 

Fixed an issue where the plugin cause a dc offset, causing audio spikes.

Here are the features:

- Distortion

      6 distortion types : lofi, hard, soft, tube, fuzz, and saturation

      20 dB of drive gain

      Distortion mix blend

      Distortion input (active for entire plugin) and output (only for distortion out)

- Tone

      -15 to 15 dB of Tilt EQ

      -15 to 15 dB of Mid range band shelf

      mid range cutoff between 200 and 5000 Hz

      Tone module output dial

      Pre/post toggle to set the tone module to come before or after the distortion

- Reverb

     room size

     damping (lowpass on the reverb feedback)


     mix blend

- Each module has an on/off toggle to bypass processing.

- Preset menu with 10 built-in presets

- Settings page that allows you to change the color scheme of the plugin between different code editor-themed selections and other visual effects


Digital Product - Delivered via Email.

32 & 64 Bit


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