Sounds Space - Disco Project 3

Product Description

With "New Disco FLP 3 by Sounds Space," the evolution of disco takes yet another exhilarating leap forward. This latest installment in their celebrated series offers a Fruity Loops Project file that's a kaleidoscope of dynamic beats, electrifying basslines, and the unmistakable shimmer of disco euphoria. 

Diving deeper into the genre's rich tapestry, Sounds Space expertly blends classic disco elements with cutting-edge sounds, ensuring a seamless fusion of past and present. This FLP is a masterclass in disco production, providing an array of meticulously crafted samples and loops that inspire producers to push creative boundaries. 

"New Disco FLP 3" stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of disco, offering the tools to create music that's both timeless and thoroughly modern. It's an essential asset for anyone looking to make their mark on the dance floors of today and tomorrow.

NOTE: Vocals in the demo song are NOT included in this pack, and are only there for demonstration purposes.

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Sounds Space - Disco Project 3

Available Formats
Format Name Price
FLP $69

BPM: 128

Genre: Disco

Label: Sounds Space