Sounds Space - Disco Project 2

Product Description

"New Disco FLP 2 by Sounds Space" elevates the disco revival to dazzling new heights. This second iteration in their series is a comprehensive Fruity Loops Project that bursts with even more vibrant beats, infectious grooves, and the quintessential disco sparkle that made the first edition a hit. 

Sounds Space has meticulously crafted a collection that not only respects the rich legacy of disco but infuses it with fresh, contemporary energy. From sultry strings and brass to pulsating basslines and shimmering synths, each component is designed to capture the soul of disco while propelling it into the future. 

This FLP is a boon for producers aiming to create music that fills dance floors with a sense of nostalgia and freshness, making "New Disco FLP 2" an indispensable resource for crafting tomorrow's disco anthems.

NOTE: Vocals in the demo song are NOT included in this pack, and are only there for demonstration purposes.

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Sounds Space - Disco Project 2

Available Formats
Format Name Price
FLP $59

BPM: 128

Genre: Disco

Label: Sounds Space