Sounds Space - Disco Project 1

Product Description

The "New Disco FLP by Sounds Space" marks a vibrant addition to the music production landscape, catering to the resurgence of disco music with a modern twist. This meticulously designed Fruity Loops Project file is a treasure trove for producers, offering an array of glittering disco beats, groovy basslines, and the iconic lush strings and horns that define the genre.

Sounds Space has seamlessly blended the nostalgic essence of classic disco with contemporary production techniques, ensuring that each element within the FLP can ignite the dance floor while appealing to the modern listener. With this release, producers are equipped with everything needed to create tracks that pay homage to the golden era of disco, while pushing the boundaries of what the genre can be today. The "New Disco FLP" is not just a tool but an invitation to innovate within a genre that has captivated hearts across generations.

NOTE: Vocals in the demo song are NOT included in this pack, and are only there for demonstration purposes.

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Sounds Space - Disco Project 1 Demo

Available Formats
Format Name Price
FLP $99

BPM: 125

Genre: Disco

Label: Sounds Space