Lazy Kenneth - Noisebud

Product Description

Lazy Kenneth will help those who don’t know how to use or are too lazy to use a sidechain to handle heavy basslines that collide with the bass drum in 4/4 music. That is music where you put a bass drum on all fours, techno, house, trance, minimal, tribal, and so on. Put Lazy Kenneth on the bassline track and it will automatically duck the signal when the bass drum hits. You could place an LK on all tracks except the bass drum for some real heavy pumping effect.

System Requirements

  • For Windows 32Bit hosts (or bridged in 64bit hosts)

Installation Instructions

(using Evouyn as the example)

1. Download the .exe file from your Plugin Boutique account.

2. Open the .exe file and click NEXT.

3. Read the license agreement, and if happy, click AIGHT! (OK), then NEXT.

4. You will now be asked where you wish the VST to be saved. We suggest in your main VST Plugins folder on your Local Disk (C:) Drive. 

5. The plugin will now install. Once concluded, click FINISH.


Digital Product - Delivered via Email.

32 Bit


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