Rhino - Aurora DSP

Product Description

Cross the borders of guitar sound

A powerful guitar plugin that rises to the challenge. From delicate, clean tones, all the way to the heaviest wall of sound filling the entire mix. Rhino advances a proven formula, containing everything that’s needed to achieve a wide spectrum of guitar sound, all within a single plugin.

What’s inside

7 sections for a virtually unlimited range of sounds Each ne-section can be expanded, revealing more controls, additional subne-sections and options. With all that, the Main Window stays clear and simple, allowing you to quickly make general adjustments.


There is no need to open your DAW to use Rhino. We do care about guitar players that simply want to have an easy-to-use rig at their fingertips. That is why we are providing a standalone version of the plugin for everyone.

Easy and advanced

The Main Window is a hub for quick, all-around changes to the sound. Pick a preset, change a few main parameters and you’re ready to go. Expanded ne-sections unveil the true power of Rhino, revealing options and parameters that open up a whole new world of guitar sound.


Digital Product - Delivered via Email.

64 Bit


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