Laboga Mr. Hector - Aurora DSP

Product Description

Introducing Aurora CRAFT Series

The craftsmanship of Hardware Amplifiers meets the versatility of DSP. And it all starts with Mr. Hector a well-known and universally loved boutique amplifier from Laboga. Digitally recreated. Tuned to perfection. Every detail was profiled for accurate, familiar sound.

What’s inside

Aurora Mr.Hector plugin is the studio quality package based on one of the most iconic hi-gain amplifier known to humanity. Our newest plugin give you acces to the Laboga Mr.Hector amplifier, two remarkably characteristic sounding Laboga cabinets, various speakers and microphones combination, three unique stomp pedals and FX section consisted of four sound defining effects.


LOverdrive pedal based on the well known tube screamer effect. Add dynamics and a distinctive claw to your sound.

Transient Shaper

Transient Shaper sharpens the strings attack and brightens the sound of your guitar. Get rif of the muddy frequencies and bring out the most important overtones of your guitar sound.

Boosting pre-amp

Original Aurora DSP signal boosting pre-amp pedal. Such solution is a response to the growing demand for an early stage dynamic shaping devices forced and used on the latest metal music releases.

FX rack

10-band EQ

10-band studio analog based equalizer to adjust the most crucial frequencies in the range of -12 / +12 dB. Shape your final sound with exaggerated precision.


Limiter determines the maximum signal level of your signal. Set the highest dB point of your sound limiter. Adjust the limiter action within the 100-250Hz range using the low end control knob.


Ping Pong delay give you the classic stereo feedback delay moving the repetetive sounds between left and right channel. Add an extra dimension to your sound.


Aurora Reverb is the universally sounding reverb effect - small rooms and endless caves sound are within the range of turning the knobs.

Aurora IR’s

Studio captured impulse responses based on the famous Laboga cabinets equiped with various speakers and most iconic microphones giving you the endless sound shaping possibilities.


Digital Product - Delivered via Email.

64 Bit


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