Modern Kick Volume 1

Product Description

A new series from Audiosample, welcoming in Modern Kick Vol 1. The pack is loaded with200 MB of One Shot kicks created from a bespoke lineup of hardware and software in the Audiosample studios. The pack relates to the sounds of labels like Hot Creation, Snatch, Moon Harbour, Repopulate Mars, and Relief. We’ve designed this pack to give producers total creative freedom in their work while keeping an eye on the most essential and forward-thinking samples we can provide. Curated by Audiosample’s team of experienced sound engineers and tested by their extensive network of producers and DJs, Modern Kick Vol 1 contains only the highest quality samples. Formatted at WAV 44100hz 24bit.

The pack contains: • 360 One-Shot Kicks

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Demo 1

Available Formats
Format Name Price
One Shots $24

BPM: 125

Genre: Tech House

Label: Audiosample