COLOVE SLATEON 2 - DirectWave (Samples + Presets)

Product Description

Standing at the forefront of sonic innovation is SLATEON 2, the latest masterpiece meticulously crafted by COLOVE Products. This exceptional “Sounds Presets/Template Package” transcends mere product categorization, serving as your gateway to a vast realm teeming with musical possibilities. Designed exclusively for DirectWave v2.0 by Image-Line, SLATEON 2 beckons you to immerse yourself in a transcendent auditory experience. This library, fashioned from top-notch samples and configured through DirectWave, empowers you to craft impressive tracks, effects, and more. SLATEON 2 serves as either a seamless extension or an exceptional addition to its predecessor, SLATEON 1, which included 61 exceptional presets enabling you to shape your own effects or complete awesome musical compositions.


• Immerse yourself in a world of cinematic wonder with 28 epic and meticulously crafted cinematic FX one-shot samples. Each sound is a masterpiece in its own right, designed to captivate and inspire your audience.

• Unleash the full potential of your music with DirectWave presets, empowering you to transform each sample into a unique instrument. We’ve ensured these presets maintain the highest quality, delivering your music in pristine 32-bit WAV quality.

• Elevate your music with the cinematic template “SLATEON 2,” designed for the latest version of FL Studio. It’s your shortcut to enhancing your next project efficiently and effectively.


• 1 FL Studio Project (SLATEON 2 + Alternative Presets) – Compatible with FL Studio v20.1.1

• 28 Cinematic DirectWave Presets

• Premium effects and innovative ideas based on 32-bit WAV samples


• Instruments: DirectWave v2.0

• Effects: FabFilter Pro-L, Pro-R, Pro-Q 2, Pro-Q 3 (Optional), Stereo Imager D (Optional)


• Elevate your musical journey with 28 handpicked cinematic FX one-shot samples, meticulously designed to ignite your creativity.

• Shape your music with DirectWave presets, providing you with the flexibility to craft your sounds to perfection, reminiscent of industry-standard tools.

• Simplify your creative process with the FL Studio template “SLATEON 2,” enabling you to enrich your next project effortlessly.


SLATEON 1 is more than just a sound library; it’s the ideal complement to SLATEON 2. This powerful library, featuring 61 meticulously crafted presets and samples, adds depth and diversity to your sonic arsenal. With both SLATEON releases at your disposal, you’ll have two potent resources in your toolkit, ready to elevate your musical creations to new heights. Combine their strengths and expand your musical horizons like never before.

At COLOVE Products, we believe in making music production straightforward and enjoyable. Our projects are not only easy to grasp but also highly adaptable and informative. Embark on your musical expedition with SLATEON 2 and savor the freedom to create and explore.

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COLOVE SLATEON 2 - DirectWave (Samples + Presets)

Available Formats
Format Name Price
Sampler Patches $20

BPM: 84-150

Genre: Cinematic

Label: COLOVE Products