COLOVE Drum Loops 2 (WAV 32 Bit)

Product Description

Presenting the mesmerizing ‘COLOVE DRUM LOOPS 2’ EDM Drum Loops package, an enchanting collection that transcends musical boundaries. Immerse yourself in the high-quality WAVE 32Bit format, where every beat, every rhythm, and every sound comes alive in breathtaking detail. Unveil a treasure trove of 15 meticulously crafted kits that encapsulate the essence of musical magic.

• Cinematic
• House (Progressive, Electro)
• Trance (Progressive, Uplifting, 138)

Unleash your creativity with ‘COLOVE DRUM LOOPS 2,’ where innovation meets inspiration. Discover a captivating array of sonic landscapes, meticulously curated for your musical journey. Delve into the intricacies of sound with an exquisite selection of loops, each designed to elevate your compositions to new heights.

Immerse yourself in the depth of this package, featuring:
• 15 mesmerizing kits pulsating at 128-138 BPM, catering to a variety of musical moods.
• A total of 93 loops that encapsulate the heart and soul of EDM, infusing each track with energy and rhythm.
• 17 percussion loops that add layers of complexity, allowing you to craft intricate rhythms with ease.
• 14 kick loops that lay the foundation for earth-shattering drops and pulsating beats.
• 17 hi-hat loops that inject a rhythmic finesse, adding dynamics and texture to your tracks.
• 14 full loops that capture the essence of complete musical sections, fueling your creative fire.
• 12 snare & clap loops that punctuate your beats with character and precision.
• 6 ride loops that bring melodic nuances and shimmering accents to your compositions.
• 5 cinematic loops that add a touch of grandeur and drama to your sonic palette.
• 4 top loops that infuse your tracks with unique textures and grooves.
• 4 fills that introduce seamless transitions and build-ups, enhancing your sonic storytelling.

The ‘COLOVE DRUM LOOPS 2’ package is your passport to limitless musical exploration. Break free from conventions, dive into a world of sonic innovation, and elevate your soundscapes like never before. With this collection at your fingertips, your compositions will resonate with the magic of EDM, capturing hearts and inspiring minds across the globe. Elevate your music production experience and embark on an extraordinary sonic odyssey.
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COLOVE Drum Loops 2 (WAV 32 Bit)

Available Formats
Format Name Price
Loops $10

BPM: 128-138

Genre: Cinematic

Label: COLOVE Products