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AudioThing Things Motor

Things Motor is an audio effect that is inspired by “The Crystal Palace” built by Dave Young for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. It used a big capacitor rotating on a motor. Up to sixteen sounds could be smoothly combined using this device, opening up the possibility of rich sound montages. It also allowed speed-dependent switching of these channels.

This avant-garde technique from the past, you can hear on the soundtrack to the Doctor Who episode “The Krotons” by Brian Hodgson and Delia Derbyshire. It was capable of creating from sublime to almost granular-like sounds. Things Motor takes this idea and brings it into the modern era. It is not only an emulation but a further development.

Things Motor uses side-chaining to combine two signals. No fixed physical waveform, the plugin uses a variable waveshape LFO as a motor with variable time on the motor start/stop. Then, AudoThing added a vibrato and a panner synced to the “motor” LFO, as well as some analog-like sound shaping. This opens a space for significantly more timbres. From smooth morphing, aggressively chopped or ring-modulated sounds up to sonic worlds in between.

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