Sounds Space Synth Wave FLP 1

Product Description

"SynthWave FLP - 1 by Sounds Space" emerges as a beacon of nostalgia and innovation within the vibrant SynthWave genre. This meticulously crafted Fruity Loops Project file transports producers into a neon-lit realm of retro-futuristic sounds and pulsating rhythms. 

Sounds Space has meticulously curated an array of analog-style synths, vintage drum machines, and lush pads, ensuring that every element captures the essence of the '80s while incorporating modern production techniques. 

From soaring leads to arpeggiated basslines, each component is designed to evoke the unmistakable charm of SynthWave music, providing producers with a comprehensive toolkit to craft tracks that transport listeners to a bygone era while pushing the boundaries of contemporary electronic music. 

"SynthWave FLP - 1" is not just a sample pack; it's a gateway to a sonic landscape where nostalgia meets innovation, inviting producers to explore new horizons and create music that resonates with both the past and the future.

NOTE: Vocals in the demo song are NOT included in this pack, and are only there for demonstration purposes.

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Synthwave FLP 1

Available Formats
Format Name Price
FLP $88

BPM: 110

Genre: Synthwave

Label: Sounds Space