Swathes - Serum Pads x Cthulhu Chords

Product Description

Swathes features a diverse collection of pads for Xfer Records Serum, professionally prepared and production ready for all kinds of chill styles and beyond.

Featuring rich, detailed, digital textures, lofi analog emulations, soundtrack-ready drones, experimental tones, and retro-future vibes, there’s something for almost any genre with this broad palette of essential patches.

Each preset comes loaded with 4 Macro controls for you to quickly explore variations of the original sounds to make them your own and are complimented by 24 Cthulhu chord presets specifically composed to work well with pad sounds.

Whether you produce Downtempo, Lofi, Chillwave, Cinematic, Dream Pop, Post-Rock, or in fact any style which calls for textural backdrops, Swathes is sure to become a go-to for your sonic journeys.


50 Serum Presets (4 Macro controls per preset)

24 Cthulhu Presets (12 Major, 12 Minor, 8 chords per key)

Product Demo (WAV and MP3)

12 WAV stems


Total Files


Software Requirements

Latest versions of Serum & Cthulhu

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Available Formats
Format Name Price
Synth Presets $24

BPM: 125

Genre: Chillout