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Introducing Streamline Samples’ spine-tingling new sound pack just in time for the Halloween season: “Spooky Tunes.” This eerie and immersive collection offers a treasure trove of 100 meticulously crafted loops at a chilling 100 bpm, accompanied by 10 bonus samples to take your audio experience to the next level.

“Spooky Tunes” is the ultimate auditory gateway to the realm of Halloween horror. At the core of this pack, you’ll discover a rich array of bone-chilling elements to fuel your creativity and send shivers down your audience’s spine. These haunting components include:

Monster and Creature Voices: Unearth the petrifying growls, moans, and shrieks of unearthly creatures, ready to add a blood-curdling dimension to your compositions.

Live Violin Creepy Tones: These evocative violin tones invoke an unsettling atmosphere, perfect for adding an extra layer of mystique to your spooky compositions.

Synth and Texture Elements: Dive into the depths of the macabre with a selection of synth and texture elements that conjure the very essence of darkness and suspense.

Live Guitar Sounds: Add a touch of authenticity to your Halloween soundtrack with live electric guitar sounds that bring a haunting tones to life.

Rhythmic Drum Elements: Keep your audience on the edge of their seats with rhythmic drum elements designed to enhance the pulse-pounding tension in your compositions.

Whether you’re crafting music to set the mood for a spooky haunted house, eerie video game, or a bone-chilling scene in a horror film, “Spooky Tunes” is your go-to resource. These meticulously curated samples offer endless possibilities for composers and sound designers looking to immerse their audience in a world of Halloween frights.

In summary, Streamline Samples’ “Spooky Tunes” is a must-have for any music producer, sound designer, or creative soul seeking to capture the essence of Halloween and horror. With a treasure trove of ghoulish sounds and eerie textures at your fingertips, this pack provides the perfect sonic ornaments for your Halloween-themed compositions and promises to be a sinister asset for horror music production in films, games, and beyond.

Unleash the spectral spirits of “Spooky Tunes” and embrace the darkness of the season. All sounds audible in the demo track are included in the sample pack.

Pack Contents:

100 Total Loops

10 Bonus Samples

20 Atmo Loops

11 Drum Loops

8 Guitar Loops

7 Synth Loops

24 Texture Loops

22 Violin Loops

8 Vocal Loops

Total Number Of Files:


521 MB


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Available Formats
Format Name Price
Loops $15

BPM: 100

Genre: Horror

Label: Streamline Samples


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