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Introducing “Michigan Stories” by Streamline Samples, the latest addition to our captivating USA States exploration series of sample packs. This time, we delve into the rich musical heritage of Michigan, a state known for its influence on rap, trap, lofi, and hip-hop music. “Michigan Stories” takes you on a sonic journey through the heart of urban soundscapes, offering a wide array of elements to infuse your music with authenticity and creativity.

This urban collection comprises an eclectic mix of sounds that capture the essence of Michigan’s music scene. At its core are the thrilling and experimental hip-hop urban beats, meticulously crafted to inspire your productions. The top-quality loops and samples in “Michigan Stories” offer a blend of nostalgic 90s vibes combined with a modern twist, ensuring that your music strikes the perfect balance between old-school charm and contemporary innovation.

Within this sample pack, you’ll discover over 158 meticulously crafted loops, all meticulously synchronized at a smooth 90 BPM. These loops cover a vast spectrum of elements that urban music producers crave. From classic key and melody samples that pay homage to the iconic 90s era, to contemporary synths and pads that add a modern edge to your compositions, “Michigan Stories” provides you with the building blocks to create music that’s both timeless and cutting-edge.

The basslines included in this pack will give your tracks a solid foundation, ensuring that the low-end presence of your music is as powerful as the storytelling within it. Moreover, the meticulously designed songstarters will kickstart your creativity, offering a launching pad for your next urban jam, and saving you valuable time and inspiration.

With “Michigan Stories,” Streamline Samples has meticulously curated a collection that captures the soul and spirit of Michigan’s urban music scene. Whether you’re an aspiring producer or a seasoned artist, this sample pack will empower you to craft authentic, genre-defining tracks. So, embrace the Michigan experience, infuse your music with the energy of its streets, and let “Michigan Stories” be your creative catalyst for crafting the next urban classic.

Pack Contents:

11 Basslines

50 Full Beats

26 Keys

5 Songstarters

20 Synths

46 Top Loops

Total Number Of Files:


482.9 MB


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BPM: 95

Genre: Country

Label: Streamline Samples