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Introducing “Director’s Cut” by Streamline Samples, a groundbreaking pack that combines the essence of Latin, soul jazz, and Brazilian music with the modern Hollywood movie soundtrack style. Crafted as a comprehensive toolkit, this pack offers 10 fully editable construction kits that will empower you to create a truly unique soundtrack-style music experience.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant atmospheres of sunny Los Angeles and the rhythmic energy of Rio de Janeiro, “Director’s Cut” captures the essence of these two iconic cities and blends it with the artistic aesthetics of Europe, resulting in an unparalleled musical journey. This fusion of influences gives the pack a distinctive character and adds an exciting touch to your compositions.

With over 200 loops, “Director’s Cut” provides a wealth of meticulously crafted audio material. The pack features live-recorded guitars, vibrant percussion, masterfully played horns, soulful pianos, grooving basslines, and more. Each element has been thoughtfully created to ensure the highest level of quality and authenticity, delivering an unparalleled sonic palette for your productions.

Whether you’re scoring a film, working on a Brazilian soap opera, or creating music for TV shows, “Director’s Cut” is the ultimate resource to elevate your soundtracks to new heights. Its versatile nature allows you to effortlessly blend different genres, infusing your compositions with the infectious rhythms of Latin and Brazilian music, while retaining the grandeur and emotive power of Hollywood-style soundtracks.

The construction kits included in “Director’s Cut” offer endless possibilities for customization and experimentation. Every element within the kits is fully editable, allowing you to tailor the music to suit your specific needs as if the kits come in separate loops like intro, verse, chorus, and ending. So whether you’re a seasoned composer or a budding music producer, this pack provides the tools you need to unleash your creativity and craft music that stands out.

Please note: The sound effects audible in the demo track are NOT included in the pack as if they are used to emphasize the atmosphere of the musical content.

Streamline Samples has painstakingly curated and produced “Director’s Cut” to ensure that it exceeds your expectations in terms of quality, usability, and authenticity. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Latin, Soul Jazz, and Brazilian Music, infused with the spirit of Hollywood, and bring your compositions to life with this extraordinary pack.

Unleash the full potential of your creativity and embark on a musical journey like no other with “Director’s Cut” by Streamline Samples.

Pack Contents:

10 Construction Kits

205 Total Loops

Live Recorded Acoustic Guitars

Live Recorded Percussion

Total Number Of Files:


803.1 MB


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Available Formats
Format Name Price
Construction Kits $40

BPM: 140

Genre: Glitch

Label: Streamline Samples