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Introducing “Bossa Passo” – a captivating sample pack by Streamline Samples that transports you to the sun-soaked streets of Rio De Janeiro with its 10 meticulously crafted Bossa Nova construction kits. Immerse yourself in the rich and rhythmic world of Brazilian jazz with this collection that exudes the warm and cosy atmosphere of the iconic city.

“Bossa Passo” encapsulates the very essence of Bossa Nova, blending it seamlessly with jazz elements to create an elegant and timeless musical experience. Each of the 10 construction kits is a musical journey in itself, combining the intricate rhythms and grooves of Bossa Nova with the sophistication of jazz.

At the heart of this pack are the impeccably recorded and intricately layered live percussion, including shakers and drums, which form the pulsating heartbeat of the music. The unmistakable sound of nylon guitars weaves intricate melodies that effortlessly evoke the laid-back charm of Rio’s beaches and streets. The pianos add a touch of sophistication, while the bass guitars and upright bass provide a deep and resonant foundation that is both melodic and groovy.

With a focus on creating an atmosphere that’s both elegant and cozy, “Bossa Passo” ensures that each loop is dripping with authenticity. The meticulously designed loops capture the essence of Bossa Nova’s signature rhythm while infusing it with a modern touch, making them versatile and suitable for a wide range of musical contexts.

It’s important to note that the sound effects used in the demo track are not part of the package itself. They’ve been thoughtfully added to emphasize the immersive atmosphere of the music and to showcase the emotional depth of the compositions.

Whether you’re a producer looking to infuse your tracks with the timeless allure of Bossa Nova, a musician seeking inspiration, or simply someone who appreciates the soothing sounds of Brazilian jazz, “Bossa Passo” is a must-have addition to your sonic toolkit. Let the sun-drenched melodies, rhythmic textures, and elegant harmonies of “Bossa Passo” transport you to the heart of Rio De Janeiro, where music and life seamlessly intertwine.

Pack Contents:

10 Construction Kits

100% Royalty-Free

Total Number Of Files:


337.9 MB

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Available Formats
Format Name Price
Construction Kits $14

BPM: 125

Genre: Jump Up

Label: Streamline Samples


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