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Product Description

PreTube is a Machine-Learning based tube pre-amp emulation which will add subtle analogue saturation to your instrument or vocal recordings. The included artificial neural networks have learnt to imitate the behaviour of actual high-end hardware circuits precisely. Choose between three different amps with different characteristics to find the most suitable sound for your project. PreTube is also a valuable addition to your mastering chain to add analogue depth and warmth.


different circuits

You can choose between three different pre-amp models. Each amp has its own unique sound. For example, use GHOST for subtle saturation or VINTAGE for rough overdrive. You can easily switch between models to compare and choose the one you like most.


exact waveform matching

The output signal of the analogue hardware amplifiers is precisely estimated by neural networks. In several time-consuming training sessions, the algorithms were optimized to match the behaviour of their hardware counterparts exactly.


efficient computation

Artificial Neural Networks are known to require lots of computational resources. However, the PreTube algorithms are highly optimized to even run multiple instances efficiently in real time! If you still happen to get to the limits of your system, just switch off HQ Mode while mixing and back on for the final render.


low-cut and high-cut 

Using the low-cut and high-cut filters you can only add the analogue saturation of certain frequency ranges and filter out all undesired components.


Digital Product - Delivered via Email.

64 Bit


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