Future Baess Construction 1

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10 Construction Kits
949.6 MB (597.5 MB Compressed)
208 files                                                                                                                                                                                                                      100-
140 bpm

Future Baess Construction 1 is a ten-track sound collection built to inspire you; manipulate, twist, and chop to create your own fresh ideas. Experimental future beats are laced with swingy rhythms, rich, warm pads, sub-heavy basslines, and soulful chops.

This pack includes a collection of the highest quality loops and one- shot sounds including harsh drum loops, punchy handcrafted drum hits, downtempo glitched synths, twisted haunting vocals, dusty keys, and soulful lead solos. Arpeggios, analogue FX noises and electrical buzz add even more texture and grit.

The experimental sound is based on the concept of combining elements of different genres, and its influences can be heard in chill trap, future bass, R&B, as well as hip-hop and soul productions. The German engineering combines vibes from artists and labels such as Flume, Mr. Carmack, Boombox Cartel, Future Beats Records and Team Supreme. Produced by German artist HKMK in conjunction with multi-platinum Producer Keith Clizark, known for producing hot records for Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, The EastSidaz and many more.

01 110 Amin
02 140 Cmin
03 140 Bmin
04 100 Cmin
05 140 Amin
06 140 Emin
07 140 Emin
08 135 Bmin
09 131 Ebmin
10 130 Dmin

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Future Bass Construction 1

Available Formats
Format Name Price
Loops $35

BPM: 100-140 bpm

Genre: Future Bass

Label: Team Mashn