Acoustic Revolutions 2

Product Description

Acoustic Revolutions Volume 2

An inspiring collection of over 630 acoustic guitar loops perfect for adult contemporary, easy listening, pop, folk, soundtracks, and much more, all in a diverse variety of tempos, keys, and time signatures. Over double the size of Volume 1!


  • Over 630 inspiring loops
  • Dozens of keys, major & minor
  • Pristine & intimate recordings
  • Four core tempos divided into beds
  • Strum, arp, and syncopated styles
  • Beautifully and intimately recorded
  • Wide range of progressions and moods


The original Acoustic Revolutions library was an unexpected success with a simple concept: a set of tightly-edited, beautifully performed acoustic guitar loops geared toward adult contemporary musical styles. With the second volume, we've expanded on the idea by over doubling the total amount of content and including more keys, tempos, and time signatures to fuel and inspire your creativity!

All loops are organized into folders based on key, tempo, and time, allowing you to quickly find the right loops for your song. You can also explore and use loops as a starting point for a new track, or even build out a full arrangement with a variety of strumming patterns, riffs, and arpeggiated rhythms. Everything has been carefully edited for ease of use and the loops require little to no mixing - perfect for any composer or producer on a deadline!


  • ACIDized WAV format
  • No sampler required!
  • Easy-to-use: drag and drop in any DAW
  • Tempo/time stretches nicely


  • 1.2GB disk space
  • No sampler required
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Loops $49

BPM: 123

Genre: Guitar Loops