Streamline Samples - Four Seasons

Product Description

The “Four Seasons” sample pack by Streamline Samples is a meticulously crafted collection of music samples in the styles of composers like Antonio Vivaldi, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, John Williams, and Howard Leslie Shore. This sample pack is designed to provide users with a rich and diverse range of musical elements that can be used to create cinematic, classical music, particularly for film scores.

The pack consists of 12 fully arranged and mixed construction kits, each of which contains all the necessary elements for creating a complete piece of music. These kits include percussion, strings, brass, woodwinds, pianos, lutes, and more. The samples in this pack have been expertly crafted and processed to ensure a high level of sound quality and fidelity.

With its rich orchestration and intricate arrangements, the “Four Seasons” sample pack is perfect for creating cinematic music that evokes a range of emotions, from soaring, triumphant quartets to mournful, introspective themes. Whether you’re working on a feature film, a short film, or a video game soundtrack, this sample pack provides all the tools you need to create a truly epic and unforgettable score.

The “Four Seasons” sample pack by Streamline Samples is a must-have for any composer, producer, or musician looking to create cinematic music with a classical twist. With its expertly crafted construction kits and its rich and diverse range of musical elements, this sample pack is sure to inspire creativity and unlock new levels of musical expression.

Please note: Sound Effects in the demo track are NOT included in the pack and are used only for demonstrative purposes.

Pack Contents:

12 Construction Kits

90 Total WAV Loops

Total Number Of Files:


640.3 MB

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Available Formats
Format Name Price
Construction Kits $46

BPM: 125

Genre: Orchestral

Label: Streamline Samples