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Cherry blossoms, whenever they are in season, exhibit all their glory simultaneously, leaving that hue of pink all over places where their trees are planted. Such a sight has become a Japanese hallmark with its association of the temporal nature of life. As the cherry blossoms or "Sakura" bloom in beauty and fade with grace, it fills people with a sense of wonder, and Image-Line Sakura 1.0.2, a string physical modeling synthesizer plugin, aims to astonish its listeners in very much the same way.

Shaping the sounds of Sakura 1.0.2 lies in a process analogous to "Hanami", or the Japanese way of enjoying a cherry blossom. This is a five-stage process which involves the following parameters:

  • Contact - The impulse or mechanical contact with the string which simulates plucking, bowing, hammering, scraping, tapping, etc.
  • Vibration - Controls damping, tension, positioning, and string properties of Sakura's dual strings.
  • String Interaction - Pan, mix, and envelope control of the dual strings for simulation of interaction.
  • Resonance - "Body" simulation to create size, material, and shape of the instrument.
  • Acoustics - Chorus, delay, and reverberation effects simulate acoustic space to finish off the overall sound.

Virtual modelling in Sakura follows a 5 stage hanami-process :

  • Contact - An impulse, the mechanical contact with the string, is first generated then shaped to simulate plucks, picks, scrapes, hammers, taps or humble fingers.
  • Vibration - Sakura’s dual string model then gives the operator control over a wide range of parameters such as damping, tension, positioning and string properties.
  • String interaction – The dual strings are then mixed, panned and enveloped to simulate interactions.
  • Resonance - The string/s vibration then interacts with an 8-resonator ‘body simulator’ to create the size, material and shape of the instrument
  • Acoustics - Virtual acoustic space is then simulated with chorus, delay and reverberation effects.


Terms :

  • Sakura: Japanese for Cherry Blossom.
  • Hanami: The custom of enjoying the beauty of Sakura.
  • Sakurazensen: The Sakura-front as it moves across Japan with the developing season.

Limited by only the aptitude you have over tweaking as well as imagination, everything from the bowing of violins to the oddness of a prepared piano can be simulated as well as creation of an instrument unseen in today's physical reality such as a 10-meter guitar. Image-Line Sakura will become a welcome addition to the imaginative and creative electronic musician's arsenal. I would bet that once you play the Sakura you'll try to get FL-Chan to dance along with it too on your FL Studio 9.

System requirements

Sakura in FL Studio

VST plugin

  • ATTENTION: NO VST version sold at this time and it will not work without FL Studio



Digital Product - Delivered via Email.

32 & 64 Bit


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